90s confetti print dress.
Roller rink pattern dress.
Plus size 90s print dress.
Memphis style plus size t-shirt dress.
Rollerskate oversized dress.

Roller Rink T-shirt Dress

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Lace up your skates and hit the rink in this ultra-comfortable tribute to everyone's favorite 90s roller rink carpet design. Roll under the disco lights in our breezy effortless dress!

• 100% original Softcore design, made sweatshop free!
• This item comes in sizes 6XL - 2XS. Why do smaller sizes cost more?
• Stretch spandex and polyester blend fabric, smooth and stretchy.
• Lowered armhole with a widened sleeve and a drop shoulder.
• Comfortable oversized fit.

Our 1st pink-haired model is wearing a size 6XL. They are 5' 3" in height with a 50" bust, and 43" waist. They normally wear a size 3XL but are wearing a size 6XL for a dramatic oversized fit.

Our 2nd maroon-haired model is wearing a size 4XL.


6XL 30 (inches) 64 67 42.5
5XL 28 (inches) 60 64 41
4XL 26 (inches) 57 60 40
3XL 22/24 (inches) 54 57 38
2XL 18/20 (inches) 51 54 36.5
XL 14/16 (inches) 48 51 34


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