About Softcore
Photo of Plethora's owner, Miranda.
Softcore is an alternative lifestyle brand for plus size individuals of all genders. For fat people that are tired of the boring prints and ill-fitting clothing. Most brands still only go up to an XL or have a limited amount of options for XL and above. At Softcore I put fat people first, offering bold clothing choices that help you take up space and be seen while doing so! Softcore's sizes start at XL and go up to 5XL in everything and 6XL in select pieces.
All designs are made by me, Miranda (hello I'm the one with the pink hair)! They are all 100% exclusive to Softcore. Everything I design is very personal to me and inspired by me and my circle of fat friend's tastes. You won't find any wallflower clothing here. Fat people have been told to cover up and hide behind their clothing for so long, I design from the exact opposite perspective. You'll be standing out in the crowd with my maximalist patterns! Whether you identify as fat, plus size, thick, chubby, fluffy, or curvy etc. you're welcome here!
Roller Rink t-shirt dress.

I didn't just stop at clothing, I want to give fat people representation across a broad range of goods! You can enjoy lifestyle pieces such as mugs, calendars, prints and more featuring plus sized characters. Surround yourself with artwork that reflects the body you live in.

Mushroom fairy mug.Sugar plum fairy sticker.Pisces fat zodiac calendar.
Boldly love your body.