About Softcore

Cow print plus size bikini.Are you sick of walking into a store and only finding hideous, ill fitting plus size clothing?

Or you're tired of seeing the same ol' cold shoulders and boring floral print?

Or maybe you're looking to display artwork in your home that better represents your body but are only able to find illustrations of thin people?

If you're having trouble finding the niche aesthetic you love in plus size, then you're at the right place.

Softcore designs fashion forward plus size clothing that come in all sorts of alternative styles like goth, kawaii, punk, cottagecore, retro, maximalist, clowncore, kitsch, nerdy and more!

When your closet fits right and matches how you feel on the inside, you'll be a lot happier! You'll be able to express yourself to the world in a more genuine way. When you feel represented by Softcore's fat positive artwork, you'll internalize that fat bodies are capable of being gorgeous works of art. Everyone benefits from having body diverse art prints displayed in their home!

Meet the Creator

Clowncore kawaii pastel plus size hoodie.

Hi, I'm Miranda! I started Softcore in 2021, combining both my passion for the fat liberation movement and love of fashion and illustration to create my line of alternative plus size clothing and art.

When I'm not running Softcore I love to dress up for Club Kid events, visit art galleries, play video games, enjoy local music events, travel, and visit the botanical gardens.

I grew up adoring art and making things with my hands. I'm a creator at my core and cannot imagine a life without it!