Fat positive self love blog post.

Fat Positive Self Love

February is a time to feel sexy, whether that be for yourself or with a partner. ;) 
Here are some ideas for ways to practice self love this Valentine's season.

1) Book a boudoir shoot
Having a photoshoot with a professional can seriously boost your self confidence. You'll have these gorgeous photos of yourself to look back on when you're having a bad body dysmorphia day. Make sure you look at their portfolio beforehand to see if they've photographed fat bodies before. A good boudoir photographer will know how to make you feel comfortable and confident in this intimate setting. Here are some of my favorite photographers who are experienced in photographing fat bodies:

Whipped cream plus size bikini boudoir shoot.

Best of all, many of these photographers travel!

2) Write yourself a love note
We can write letters to our loved ones, why not ourselves? The longest relationship we have in life is with ourselves. We should cherish that relationship just as much as our exterior ones. I love cute stationary and this is the perfect excuse to bust out that pretty pink paper you've been saving. Describe yourself using flowery language and a big fluffy pen. Do you like how your thighs squish, how you can talk for hours about your favorite art movement, or maybe how good you are at making coffee? Embrace your inner Jane Austen and let the lovey-dovey language flow about yourself. Maybe finish off the note with a spritz of your favorite perfume. ;)
Plus size pink kawaii dress Valentine.

3) Indulge in self pleasure
We have options now when it comes to sex toys designed for fat bodies! It's all about what's most comfortable and pleasurable for you. Usually in February a lot of sex shops have a sale so it's a good time to stock up.
Sex ramps are great for finding that perfect angle and for keeping you in a comfortable position.
You can get dildo attachments that lengthen the grip, therefore making them easier to handle.
Sex swings are another great addition to the bedroom to help relieve stress on joints and to get into some creative positions.
Then of course there's the trusty magic wand. With its long handle and strong vibrations it's sure to be a pleaser!
Eat it cake plus size t-shirt.

4) Have a luxurious beauty night in
You already have your regular beauty routine so why not amp it up for a night and make it special? Slow the process down. Add a face mask you've been meaning to try, fill up a container with warm water and Epsom salts and soak your feet while watching your favorite show or movie, or try out a manicure at home. Maybe you've been wanting to try the Korean 10 step skincare routine? Basically, treat yourself like Marie Antoinette for a night (without the beheadings and class oppression). Cakes and bonbons included ;)
Plus size pink corset t-shirt dress.

5) Enjoy a decadent dessert
As fat people, we deal with people moralizing our eating decisions all year long. Dessert is branded as "sinful" and chocolate ads are borderline smut. If thin people get to enjoy a fancy chocolate box and strawberry cake for Valentine's Day then so do we. We do not need to "earn" enjoying food and there is no such thing as "bad" foods and "good" foods. I promise the world will not end if you enjoy a dessert. So relax and treat yourself to that heart shaped box, especially one with pretty lace frills and roses. I personally love not looking at the card that tells me which chocolate is where and instead bite into them waiting to be surprised.
Plus size lovecore aesthetic outfit.

These suggestions are things you can enjoy all year round when you need a little self love pick me up. Re-visit this post when you need to. Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite ways to practice self love are! <3

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